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Give to Create Thriving Communitites

Donate and to create equity and opportunity in all communitites. Make it reoccurring to create impact.


Support for Thriving Communities

Since 1987, New Jersey Community Capital, the largest New Jersey based community development financial institution, has been committed to creating thriving communities through strategic investments and knowledge. NJCC advances equity and opportunity through strategic investments in traditionally underserved communities. NJCC’s mission has always been rooted in racial, economic and social justice, and we look to the communities we serve to drive our work.

Since the organization’s inception, NJCC has invested over $914 million in loans and investments to leverage over $2.9 billion and connect more than 137,300 people in underserved communities and neighborhoods to capital and resources needed to grow and thrive. Those investments have created or retained over 13,500 affordable housing units, over 11.2 million square feet of commercial space, over 44,000 education and childcare opportunities, and supported 21,900 local jobs.

Your donation will go to support NJCC's holistic community development and will contribute towards:

  • Development of Affordable Housing
  • Investment in Small Business and Commercial Development in underserved communities
  • Development and Retention of Child Care and Education Seats
  • Creation of Employment Opportunities
  • Development of needed Community Facilities

With your help, NJCC can continue building healthy communities, promoting economic independence and fostering wealth creation in New Jersey's underserved areas.

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